Towing service at Dallas

■ Auto transport
■ Mechanic
■ Can mobilize heavy machinery

With full service in car repair

At Black Ops Towing, we work on preventive maintenance and car repair to maximize your vehicle life. Our technicians implement the better practices for automotive maintenance and car repair.

In a hurry?

When your car is locked up it could be incredibly frustrating. Trying to regain access on your own can cause damage to your vehicle. Our blocking service helps you quickly regain access to your car. No matter the brand or model, we can find a way.

Without gas?

When you unexpectedly run out of gas, it can seems like a serious problem. You may be in an unknown area with no idea where to find a place to fill out. Our gas delivery service can make returning to the road very easy. Simply contact us and let us deliver all the gas you need to get going again. Just call us, trust Black Ops Towing!

Always innovating!

When your motor vehicle breaks down, trust Black Ops Towing Service to get the towing and recovery services you need. No matter how big or small your vehicle is, our team has the necessary equipment to tow any size.

Heavy duty trailer

Our heavy duty trailer option is designed for those who drive tractor trailers or school buses. These workhorse trucks can take you to your yard, a trusted mechanic or one of the many mechanics in our network.

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